July 22nd, 2016

sick black knight

In less pleasant news...

After 21 years, my family is going to be looking for a new church. We don't like the new pastors. That's putting it mildly. My mother actually dreads going to church now. The lead pastor is one of those "look at me" mega church types. The services don't follow the lectionary, the communion service has been shortened, and they leave out the creed and Lord's Prayer. And the music program is likely going to be decimated (except, of course, for the crap praise service). They don't want to hire a replacement youth/children/bells director, and so far they refuse to listen to the Sanctuary Choir director/organist's suggestions. I feel sick. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Already I'm hearing grumbles from long time members about the direction of the services. It's church lite and I HATE IT. I don't want a dumbed-down church.

I hate the idea of abandoning the choir, but it looks like only the praise team is going to be left alone. I'm scared that our director is going to be let go. These new guys really don't like tradition. For three weeks, I've felt like I haven't been to church. I feel absolutely empty. My grandfather (the preacher) would flip in his grave if he saw what our church is like now.