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March 2nd, 2018

The Day After the Day From Hell.

I spent most of the day in bed, taking my pills and sipping water or ginger ale. All I've been able to eat since yesterday morning is two Jell-o snack cups. The thought of food makes me ill. Good thing one of my pills is anti-nausea! There's still a lot of pain, but some of it is from the awkward way I was lying on the trauma room bed. It's very hard to sleep. I can really only sleep on my back with one leg tucked under the other at the knee. TMI alert- my period decided to arrive during all of this. And I can't use tampons because I'm sore from the catheter and ultrasound wand. Just one more annoyance.

My appointment with the OB-GYN is late in the morning. I'm nervous as hell. Hopefully we'll set up a treatment plan. I just hope it will be outpatient surgery if it comes to that.

Not according to plan.

Waited for a half an hour at the OB-GYN this morning, filling out forms and worrying. Then when I was seen, the doctor told me he was sending me to a gynocologist/oncologist in Richmond. He told me that the cysts are large and more like a tumor. I'm going to the doctor in Richmond so I can get a biopsy to be absolutely sure it's not cancer (though it is possible). Once that's done, we can go forward with treatment.

It's been a draining day, but the good news is the pain is going away, and I was able to eat a small dinner without throwing up! Progress. I'm still very tired, but I was able to sleep more today. Would have been better if there hadn't been a big wind storm that knocked out power! It's back now.