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April 14th, 2018

Baby steps.

I cooked an entire meal tonight. By myself. This is important to me. I haven't cooked in six weeks, except to make salads and do prep work. I'm a little tired out, but it felt good.

I seem to have recovered my sense of taste. I had lunch downtown at a restaurant known for its pizzas. I had an amazing wood fired oven pizza. It was the best thing I'd eaten in six weeks. I still couldn't eat a lot, but that meant leftovers. And their pizzas are good cold.

I am dreading Monday. That's when I have to do the bowel prep for my colonoscopy. I actually have to get a hotel room in Richmond because there's no way I can do the prep at home and get down there so early in the morning. I'm not worried so much about the colonoscopy itself.