June 9th, 2018

kitten rory

Halfway through Round two.

Today was good for me. I was able to go grocery shopping and run some errands with my dad. Then I managed to cook dinner and bake a cake for the whole family. I even did two loads of dishes and the laundry. I'm still not tired! It felt good to walk a bit and actually do something.

Yesterday, I got my hair trimmed again. It's sort of in a pixie cut, and if my hair wasn't so thin, it would be super cute. My hairdresser and I decided it would be silly to shave my head while I still have plenty of hair. She helped me style my wig, so I'll be ready to use it. If the rest of my hair falls out in big pieces, then I'll get it shaved.

Yesterday was pretty good, too, but I tired out early. And then there was the excitement of the Caps winning the Stanley Cup! It took me a while to settle down. Of course then I woke up this morning to the news about Anthony Bourdain's suicide. That was a horrible shock.

So my second cycle of chemo is halfway done. It's been a little rocky this time, but I think I'm doing okay now.
kitten rory

What a great week in sports!

First the Caps won the Stanley Cup, then the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship. Today, Justify won the Belmont Stakes, and with that, the Triple Crown! He's lucky number thirteen. Thirteen Triple Crown winners, five of them in my lifetime, two in the last three years. Justify is an amazing horse. In the Belmont, he was always ahead. I knew he would do it!