July 12th, 2018

kitten rory

Round four.

I got home much later than usual. My chemo session was eight hours long yesterday, because I had to have two extra bags of saline for dehydration. Otherwise, it went smoothly. I had a very nice nurse (they're all nice in the infusion center!). My dolls got me a bit of attention, very positive, especially after I told people Bald Mini-me's (Isobel) story. Mom and I had breakfast at the hospital's Starbucks. Katie brought us all lunch from Panera Bread, and we spent the afternoon eating, talking, and laughing at You Tube videos. Well, not me the whole time. I zoned out for an hour because of the Benadryl. Then Katie went to Starbucks AGAIN and brought us all Frappachinos. She drove us home...

...and when I got home I got two wonderful surprises. I got a sweet care package from my friend Jennifer, featuring a Pusheen the cat mug and plush, plus a tin of peppermint herbal tea to help with nausea. Then I went up to my bathroom, and found that Katie had redecorated it in Hello Kitty! A shower curtain, bath mat, and two framed prints.

Four rounds down, two to go!
kitten rory

Day 1 after round four of chemo.

It was a pretty good day. I didn't feel sick or in pain. I was able to eat and go shopping, and I worked on some crafts. I was a little tired when I got home. I took a nap and felt better.

My hands are warm but not tingling. I've kept ice packs on them, anyway. I hope the two ordered extra days of taking steroid pills help there, and with any leg pain!
nats kitty

Some photos from Round Four.

Willa the Wellie Wisher!

Willow and Isobel in the guest house garden.

Round Four.

Surprise Pusheen the Cat presents from my friend, Jennifer!

Surprise number two- Katie redecorated my bathroom in Hello Kitty!

Rory decided that the new bath mat was a good place to pee. So I had to wash it right away, and it already looks used. Thanks, cat.

Day two after Round Four- I'm very tired but not in any pain. The extra steroid pills this week might be helping with that. Not much appetite.