August 29th, 2018

sick black knight

Not quite an emergency...

I had a terrible experience tonight.
I spent more than an hour in and out of the bathroom (let's just say the word "explosive" was involved). At one point, I was so weak and dizzy that I sank to the floor after washing my hands. I must have partially passed out because twenty minutes had passed when I felt like standing up again. Then I was sweating and shaking for another half hour. No fever, though. I drank a lot of water and Gatorade, and now I feel a bit better. Still have to call the doctor first thing tomorrow and see if I need to go back to the hospital. This is totally not normal for me. I was really scared!
sick black knight

A bug in the system.

I went through all of that terror last night only to have my doctor tell me I caught a bug. The chemo side effects have been hell.
The last thing I needed was a stomach virus! He thinks the worst of it has passed, but ordered blood tests to rule anything out. Can't be too careful while on chemo. Otherwise, it's rest and clear liquids for the next couple of days. Jell-O, Popsicles, and bland but nourishing broth, yum!

Currently lying on my bed, trying not to move too much. My stomach is still rebelling, and I'm still having pain, weakness, and dizziness.