February 14th, 2020

kitten rory

Not a hospital trip this time!

I spent a few days in Richmond this week with family. It was fun going to museums and enjoying family time. It was also nice to be in Richmond and not have to see my oncologist. I had to pass by St. Mary's Hospital on the way back to the hotel from dinner last night. I felt like yelling "Nyah nyahhh, you can't have me until August"! Seriously, I've seen enough of the inside of that hospital for a few lifetimes!

I've lost count how many times I've been there in the last two years, starting with my first exam. Two minor surgeries (chemo port placement and removal), two major surgeries (total hysterectomy and hernia repair), six rounds of chemotherapy, three sessions of hydration infusions, two port flushings, and at least a dozen office visits and blood tests. I'm so happy that my follow up appointments are now going to be only twice a year.