August 9th, 2020

kitten rory

Prepare for light and fluffy (and a serious note at the end).

All sorts of crap is happening right now, so to cheer myself up, I'm doing some cute doll photo shoots, plus cat photos, too.

First up, series three of Na! Na! Na! Surprise is out, and I got the one I wanted most. Fifi LeFluff!

I have so many dolls with poodle skirts (or similar) now! I did a group photo. They're all so cute.

I even have some 50s accessories.

Hairdorables Series Five is out now, too. And they had one I just had to get- Harmony on Parade. As a former marching band nerd, I approve of this costume!

Harmony isn't the only band geek! Maryellen has a uniform, too. So of course I took photos of them together.

Finally, Katie snapped these pictures of Rory after lunch, when he was head butting me. I was trying hard not to laugh. As soon as the pictures were snapped, I just roared and scared the crap out of him. Yesterday was International Day of the Cat. I thought that was every day?

Back to reality for a minute. Katie meets with the surgeon on Tuesday, and we'll see what happens next. She's asking to put off surgery until at least after her birthday next Monday. She and one of her best friends from college are going to a special wine dinner (very limited with social distancing, etc.). She needs a little bit of fun before her treatment starts.

And as if enough crap wasn't going on, my cousin's husband is in the hospital with pneumonia and a heart condition. I hope he doesn't get COVID-19 while he's there. I think my family has had enough bad things happen these past four years (starting with losing Paul, then my cancer and related things, losing George, and now Katie and this...). I hope something good happens soon. Not just in my family, but in general. 2020 has really been a raging dumpster fire.
kitten rory

Almost forgot.

In the "What next, 2020?" category...There was a 5.1 earthquake near Sparta, North Carolina. It was near where my sister's niece and nephew and their families live. They were pretty rattled. It was felt up and down the East Coast, and especially in southern Virginia. I didn't feel it, but I was probably asleep. The aftershocks are still going on. I hope we don't get a repeat of 2011 in Virginia!