November 19th, 2021

kitten rory


I got my Covid-19 booster shot this week. I was sick for two days, felt like I had the flu. Still better than getting Covid!

I've started dressing the AGs early,
since I'm going to be gone for a week. I found a hilarious ugly Christmas sweater dress and had to get it. I put it on Jess. It actually lights up!

It's early, but I've also been doing my nails in Christmas colors. This red glitter topped with a clear plaid is my new favorite combo:

I've also been crafting like crazy. I put together these adorable houses this week.

I still have more I want to do, but I probably won't have time before I leave. This time next week, Katie and I will be on our way to Disney World! I just got a new swimsuit.

I did finally get to see The Eternals. I loved it. It was a bit overwhelming because there were so many characters and a lot of Marvel history in it, but it was entertaining and pretty to look at. And we'll definitely see the Eternals again. The end credit scenes are pretty important- in the first, we're introduced to Eros of Titan (AKA Starfox), who is the brother of Thanos and an Eternal himself. In the second, Dane Whitman takes the Ebony Blade that will turn him into the Black Knight...and he hears a voice asking him if he's ready. The voice belongs to vampire hunter Blade! I'll probably write more thoughts about the movie later. I want to see it again.