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Busy weekend again!

Last night was the second to last concert at the library. It was a terrific group called the Pan Masters- all steel drums. They've been together for 22 years, and the kids of some original members play with them.

They played all kinds of stuff- classic rock, reggae, traditional. They even invited people on stage to try the drums. I wish my nephew could have made it to this one- he is such a good drummer himself, and it's always good for him to hear a variety of percussion instruments and musical styles.

The concert had to be moved indoors- we had a terrible thunderstorm. It rained for a solid hour. The turnout was very good despite the weather. They're really a popular group on the East Coast. The final concert is the day after my birthday next week!

Yet another funny Harry Potter icon:

Wish this was smaller. I'd love to use it here. 

Hoser redid the Neville icon so I can use it at TrekBBS-


I hate to alter icons like that...I don't even know who made it originally. But cursing in icons at Trek is a no-no.

I want more, more, more Harry icons and motivational posters!

I went to see Ratatouille today. It was very good, but way too sophisticated for little kids. I'll put up a longer review at my other blog later. I'm going to see Hairspray tomorrow!