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Keeping busy...

...keeps my mind off of not so good things. I've been working on several projects.

My first attempt at beading! This was a simple little design using glass beads, head pins, and tigertail wire:

I also finished a card for my sister, whose birthday is tomorrow...

That took ten hours, including the finishing. The beads are for her, too. I also did a lot of work on the Halloween Fairy, but it still doesn't look like much (at least she has a head!).

Still very worried about my cousin, but right now there's not a lot I can do- just keeping busy and praying is about it.

I might go see "Becoming Jane" this weekend...either that or Order of the Phoenix again.  And on Sunday, the new Miss Marple will air on PBS- featuring the ever-lovely Bryan Dick. Whee! I've missed seeing him in something new. I've worn out my Blood and Chocolate and Brothers of the Head DVDs...*hangs head in shame* Hope someone at obascwill have screencaps from the show. The only picture I've seen of Bryan from the production was rather cute.
Tags: beading, cross stitch, fangirl rants/squees, movies

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