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What's that weird yellow thing in the sky?

It was sunny today for the first time all week! Hot, too. But we got great rain...Mom's garden LOVED it.

More stuff, sort of long, so under the cut...

I finally started reading The Road (well, listening to it on CD, actually). Oh, my God it is so depressing. Amazing writing, though.

I also found a copy of Ordeal by Innocence at Borders yesterday- very cheap, so I decided to buy it, read it, and compare it to the PBS Mystery! version. The book is FAR superior to the Mystery! production. I enjoyed that, but too many things were changed for it to resemble the original book (no Miss Marple in the book!). I really enjoyed the novel much more. I can see why Agatha Christie counted it among her personal favorites. It had me hooked from page one.

Finally, my last birthday present arrived yesterday- this adorable kit:

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I don't know when I'm going to get to it. I have to do Christmas presents- and I just found out that yet another cousin is getting married in October! I don't have time to do a sampler for her, but I at least want to make her a nice card. I've never met her husband-to-be.

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