Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Well, I never want to do that again...

The recording for the CD is finished. Ugh. Thursday's session was a waste of time- we did a piece with the praise team. Their instruments drowned us out. The leader was nice, though- he really tried to work with us. But the guitars and drums were just too loud...

Yesterday wasn't too bad. The bells did two pieces. One was perfect, the other had to be recorded three times. I'm not sure any takes were good enough to use. One of our ringers got so frustrated that she actually quit once we were finished. She wasn't a good player anyway. The final two pieces we did were with all of the kids. They were so cute. I think those numbers will be the best on the CD.

I hope we never do this again! It was hard work, and we probably won't make any money off of it. The performance copyright fees alone are going to devour any profit we might make...

I'm skipping choir this week. I think we all earned a break. Besides, I have a Halloween party to go to!

Tonight is the first rehearsal for the Messiah. I hope there's a big turnout this year.

I was busy most of the weekend because of choir. But I did manage to do two little cross stitch pieces!

Tags: choir, cross stitch

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