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The squee, it does not stop!

Oh, how I wish I lived in England. Bryan Dick is starring in Amadeus (as Mozart!) in Sheffield. Sigh. That's a little far away for me. But at least I found a cute picture:

I'm guessing that's from a rehearsal. He looks like he's having fun. Rock me, Amadeus!

Meanwhile, back on Earth...The bell choir rang this morning, and we did really well. Much better than when we made our recording. Regular choir was average at best today. Half of us were gone. And none of our hymns had anything to do with Veteran's Day. We're finally getting Christmas music. It's terrible this year. Really sappy.

A quick college football rant- I hate seeing my school get trampled. Colorado State has won only one game this year. They should play Notre Dame for the title of "Who Sucks the Most". 
Tags: choir, fangirl rants/squees
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