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I'm not dead yet!

Spamalot was awesome. Mom and Dad and I got to D.C. a few hours early, so we had dinner at Au Bon Pain (we didn't want anything fancy). It was great! We spent an hour in Barnes & Noble and did some Christmas shopping. Finally, the theater doors opened! The National is a nice theater. I saw Chicago (with Deep Space Nine's Nana Visitor as Roxie Hart) there way back in 1999. We had orchestra seats! We were only about ten rows from the stage. The show is very silly. Most of the good gags from Holy Grail are there- the Rude Frenchmen ("Fetchez la vache! I fart in your general direction!"), the Knights who say "Ni!", the killer rabbit, the Black Knight, and Tim the Enchanter. I loved the music (I had "Bright Side of Life" in my head the rest of the night). I can't wait to get the CD! I love going to the theater. I don't get to do it enough.