Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Damn you, Q!

Thanks to your posts about the upcoming season of Torchwood (and the appearance of our dear Wee Blythe in it), I've started seriously checking out series one. I've only seen half of the episodes now, but enough to know that I like it. I like it more than Doctor Who (I'm only a casual viewer there). Love Captain Jack. I want to pet Ianto. Watching Owen makes me feel dirty (who would have thought that Mr. Guppy could be sexy?  Don't wanna see him nekkid again, though. Yikes...). Gwen is a bit whiny, but she's growing on me. I want to know more about Tosh (other than that she crushes a bit on Owen). I hope Series Two is better than One. January 26 can't come soon enough!

I'm thinking about buying the DVD set- but will the stuff cut from BBC America be included? I hate not getting the same stuff they get in the U.K.!

Nothing like a new fandom to chase away the blues.
Tags: fangirl rants/squees, television, torchwood

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