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Nice time for me to get a cold and sore throat. I can't go to choir tonight. I must get better before Saturday. That's when I'm going to the National Cathedral to sing! We're singing very hard music. I don't think most of the choir members can do it. Fortunately, we're singing with about 400 other people...Anyone in the D.C. area is welcome to come to the service- I think it's at 3:00. It should be lovely.

I think I will go to the meet up next Saturday. It should be a lot of fun. I've only been to D.C. once since the last meet (for Spamalot). I love going to D.C., and I've been planning to visit the Spy Museum anyway.

To those who read my locked entry- I think everything is said and done now, so I'll nuke it in case it gets in the wrong hands. :p Thanks for the kind words, I'm going to be staying put for now. The Meet-up forum is a good place to mod, and I'd hate to leave the BR.

Lost is back tomorrow night! Yay! Happy dance! Running commentary at TrekBBS! (I knew there was a reason for me to stick around!) Eight whole episodes...then that's it because of the writer's strike. House only gets two more new episodes this season (last night's was pretty good). Thank God for Torchwood- eleven more new episodes..

Speaking of Torchwood, I'm really looking forward to next week's episode, To the Last Man. (Of course, I'll probably see it tomorrow ) It's Tosh-centric, yay. We don't get enough of her. And the guest star is Anthony Lewis, older brother of Matthew from the Harry Potter films. He's just as cute, and I think he might even be a better actor. We'll see after this episode. All those good looks and talent in one family, it's not fair! :p

I think I will make my goal of reading 50 books in 2008 with no problem. I'm about to finish Wide Sargasso Sea. That brings my January total to five: The others were Atonement, Kite Runner, Border Princes (a Torchwood novel, and it was so-so), and 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. Next up is Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter- someone recommended it years ago and I'm finally getting to it! My cross stitching has been suffering a bit. I'm really getting frustrated with The Bride. And I can't finish Ivy until I get the missing threads and beads...I'm going to pick a couple of one-nighters to do to clear my head. I always feel better about the big projects after I've finished something small.
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