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Farewell, Fritz...

My aunt's dog was put to sleep last Friday. He was very old and sick. Fritz was one of the best dogs ever! It's very sad, but he did have a long, happy life.

He was a wonderful dog.

My sister still isn't sure if she should have Ike put down. He doesn't seem to be suffering, but he's very thin and frail. Damn, I hate it when pets get old. My cats aren't exactly kittens now, either...
I've finally  got around to updating my reading, movie, and television blogs. Just rambling thoughts, really, but I'd love it if people read them! Links are in my profile...

Church was nice yesterday. Our former pastor, who is now the district supervisor, gave the sermon. He left our church nearly eight years ago, and we still miss him!  Choir was good yesterday, too. Bell practice went well. We're getting ready for the festival in April.

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