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Adam and Reset...

My reactions and some pics under the cut. Mostly naughty Tosh/Adam pics, beware! And one mega spoiler pic for Reset.

Adam first- yeah, the plot was WAY too much like Border Princes. But jeez- Bryan Dick. It was good because of him. Adam wasn't really an evil alien- he was just trying to live! I actually felt a little bad when Jack wiped everyone's memories, therefore killing him (apparently, but remember, this is Torchwood.). I liked Gwen forgetting Rhys. It was a little bit funny in a way. Poor man, she really doesn't deserve him!  Poor Emo! Ianto- those serial killer memories were awful. Bad Adam. Go to my room! Speaking of bed- whoa, when did Tosh get boobies? She sure used them to her advantage. Poor geeky, a-dork-able Owen never had a chance. Oh, and the last bit with Ianto's diary- Jack: "Tape measures never lie." Ianto: (mouths FUCK!)

The Adam pics- drool, drool. Picked up from screencaps found through torch_wood.

A much better kiss shot. Mmmm. Come to mama.

What? I've always been here.

She's got legs, and she knows how to use them. Poor Owen.

Mr. A-Dork-Able, that's me...

I don't think he looks like a rodent. Come to think of it, he was more of a...wait for it...GUPPY! Yes, I was getting a Mr. Guppy vibe from him, especially with his desperate, pathetic, "I LOVE YOU!" to Tosh.

Oh, my.

Grr. You go, girl. I wanna be Tosh. Someone needs to feed him, though. *tickles ribs*

I believe I just heard q's sock drawer explode:

Need a lie-down, now. If he hadn't been so mean to Ianto, I'd be very sorry he's dead. Or a pile of sand.

Overall, a good episode, even if Jack's memories were kinda bleah. John Barrowman really overacted a bit here. The last bits, where the team has to remember things about themselves in order to fix the damage Adam did, actually made me cry- especially poor, lonely Tosh, and Owen with his mummy issues. Need a tissue now.

Reset- Woo, Martha Jones arrives and is instantly put into danger! I need to watch again before I can do a more coherent review, but it was pretty exciting. The "Mayfly" plot sort of reminded me of the Torchwood novel Slow Decay a bit (deadly "cure"). I liked how Martha fit in with the team- girly talk with Gwen, slight bickering/flirting with Owen. The end...I knew it was coming, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! OWEN!!

Not. Happening. No. He had better not be permanently dead! (from the spoilers I've read, maybe not!) Burn Gorman is one of the main reasons I watch the damn show! Poor Tosh. She finally got him to say yes to a date, too. Sob. Can't wait for the next two episodes. Jack and Martha will save him! Bring on the Weevil King!
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