Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Dead Man Walking...

Spoilers, duh. Now with pictures!
I knew the other "risen mitten" would come into play. Didn't they learn anything after the Suzie disaster? So, Owen is back but he's still dead. And he brought the Grim Reaper with him, Oh Noes! And the weevils worship him as a king or their Messiah. Sheesh. Too much of a head fuck for me to write a coherent review...but damn, Burn Gorman can act. Even when he's all freaky and speaking in tongues! Poor Owen. No more drinking or sex. He probably wishes he was still dead. I mean, really dead. "No sex and no booze make Owen something something." "Go crazy?" "Don't mind if I do! Whoooo! Whoooo! Whoooo!"

Some very touching moments here and there, like Jack and Owen's little chat in the cell (though I REALLY could have done without the projectile vomiting and the multi-directional farting!), all the goodbyes, and the Owen/Tosh kiss. Martha was a bit useless, and WTF was up with her getting old? The Thing/Glove was funny. Unintentionally so. But I loved Ianto going after it with a hockey stick, and the look Jack gave him, like he was thinking  "Ianto! That was for later!"

Owen's literal "dance with death" was a little too much...And that little girl at the beginning was cree-py.

I hope next week is good. I really hope Owen gets back to normal somehow. He's not Owen without the drinking and skirt chasing! Poor Tosh- even if they still go on a date, there won't be any sex. Sob.

"I'm going to miss farting." Owen is my dad's kind of guy!

Some screencaps I quite liked (all from The Institute):

Awwww. Poor grieving Jack.

Poor Tosh. I was bawling right along with her!

A little cell bonding...Jack: "I forgive you for shooting me. I can even forgive the projectile vomiting. But I won't forgive you for farting in my general direction!"

Jack: "Ianto! We don't bring our sex toys out of the bedroom!"

The kiss- it's about time. *sniffles* I still have hope for these two...if he can be restored to life, anyway...hey, it's Torchwood! Anything can happen!

Tags: torchwood

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