Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

A Day in the Death...

Spoilers. Le Duh.
Owen is really most sincerely dead. But he has not ceased to be, joined the choir eternal, is not yet an ex-Owen. And he is not having a good day. Jack relieves him of his duties, leaving Martha as Torchwood's medic...and Owen is reduced to Ianto's coffee and tea duties. Martha informs him that he is now 100% Owen (no more "Death" in him), but he can no longer heal himself. He goes home and empties out his flat of things he no longer needs- food, drink, etc. He chews Tosh out in his frustration ("I have nothing to give you!"), tries to drown himself, and finally Jack gives him an assignment. Because he is dead and has no body heat, he's the only person able to get into this rich old guy's mansion to retrieve an alien artifact that could be dangerous to the entire city. Owen tells all of this to a suicidal woman on a roof, hoping to help her (and help himself  a bit in the process). He releases the artifact, which just shoots out purple lights. I was kind of hoping it could somehow restore Owen to his normal self, but no such luck. We're stuck with Zombie!Owen for a while...and he's already started to fall apart like in the movie "Death Becomes Her". Yuck. Martha leaves, Owen apologizes to Tosh, and gets on with his life death.

This was a much better episode than Dead Man Walking, and once again Burn Gorman sold it all. I loved Owen's cute banter with Martha, and the horror Ianto displayed when Jack gave Owen the coffee making duties. I also liked the girl on the roof, and Owen's interactions with the dying old man. I thought Jack was a bit of an ass to Owen- though the parallels between them are interesting: Eternal life for Jack, eternal death for Owen.

Lots of good stuff- but a couple of things had me cringing. Owen slicing his hand, Martha stitching him up. Ouch. Owen telling Tosh "I'm broken" and then breaking his finger in front of her. Double ouch.

A few pics:

Owen tries to drown himself. Really, if he can't breathe anyway, what's the point?

Ianto inspects Owen's attempt to use his coffee machine. He's so cute.

Martha says good-bye to Scooby Jack and the gang.

Owen (Mr. "I don't do apologies") apologizes to Tosh, she says she'll stand by him. Sob. Bring Owen back all the way, dammit! I want Owen/Tosh babies!!!

Next week- Ha, ha- Gwen is pregnant. Shape-shifters! Pissed off Rhys! Wedding day disasters!
Tags: torchwood

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