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Something Borrowed...

Aw, that was cute. Spoilers (duh) and pics under the cut...

On the eve of her wedding to Rhys, Gwen gets impregnated by a shape shifting alien. Apparently, these creatures use a host to carry their babies...and mama is out to get Gwen. Lots of good stuff in this episode: Ianto dress shopping for Gwen (who obviously needed a bigger gown!), Tosh fighting off the attentions of the obnoxious best man (and getting stuck in the alien's web with him), Jack mistaking Rhys's mum for the alien ("Get away from her, you fat ugly bitch!"), Rhys decking the mistaken Jack for insulting his mum. The "delivery" of the baby in a stable was a little silly, but it was great to have Rhys do the honors. I especially loved Rhys going after the alien with a chainsaw, only to have it die on him, leading to the best use of the word "Fuck" this series has done yet! Once the alien is dead, the wedding goes on as planned. Of course, during the reception, all of the family and guests get retconned. I hope this episode kills Jack/Gwen once and for all- though their dance at the reception was cute. But it was better when Ianto cut in...

Good lines...

Jack: What's up with you? Ever since Owen died, all you've done is agree with him!
Ianto: I was brought up not to speak ill of the dead. Even if they do still do most of their talking for themselves.

Owen: Have you ever seen a dead man dance?

Too cute: Ianto at the bridal shop:

My OTP gets their dance...

Too bad they didn't have Ianto catching Gwen's bouquet.

Finally, it's good that they aren't ignoring the fact that Owen is still, well, dead. He's so damaged that he has to teach Rhys how to use his equipment! But one thing bothered me...no one seemed to care about the dead DJ.


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Mar. 9th, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
Well, that one girl was pretty upset about the DJ. For a while at least. You didn't really see much of her after that, it seemed like.

The dance was so cute. I would've loved for Jack to be a little more into it, instead of distracted by that whole Gwen-love thing (which I find a bit annoying, to be honest), but what can you do?

DJ!Ianto was pretty awesome. If I didn't already have a good radio DJ name, I'd so be DJ Ianto.

And the dress-shopping... cute. Especially when he and Jack talked about it later. (Thigh measurements... good times.)

I liked the bit with Jack's wedding photo, and how it was stuck in with all those guys in the yellow tool box (no frilly album with hearts on it?). That was sweet.
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