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I iz confus-ed!

Lost was a mind fuck as always...and Torchwood was bizarre.
Okay, we all knew Michael was Ben's spy. That was leaked months ago! But the whole Jin "I've only been married for two months" while Sun was having their baby? The hell???!!! That was the strangest twist. And she thinks he's dead? $20 says he made a deal with Ben to get her off of the island...with the price of him being dead to her and pretty much everyone else.

Nice stuff on the boat tonight, too. They're all getting cabin fever! DON'T TRUST THE CAPTAIN. Yeah, Mike, whatever...and the boat belongs to Penny's dad!

One more episode, then a month long break before we get a couple more before the season is over.

From Out of the Rain...bleah. The concept was pretty cool- the "Night Travelers" coming out of the film, but the execution wasn't that good. They spent more time on atmosphere than story, IMHO. The good stuff- just a little bit about Ianto. He's a movie buff and loved to go to the cinema with his dad! Aw. And a nice tidbit about Jack...he used to perform as "The Man Who Can't Die" in traveling shows 80 years ago. Ouch. Wish they'd touched on that a bit more.

Oh, yeah, Owen is still dead. :(
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