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 I don't think I've done this one. "Ten fictional characters I wouldn't kick out of bed".

1. William Mowett. WELL DUH. Would I be kiramowett otherwise? :p And he can read me poetry in bed...
2. Tom Pullings. Next best thing to Will.
3. Dr. Julian Bashir. My first ever Star Trek crush.
4. Mr. Knightley from Emma. I prefer him to Mr. Darcy. Don't know why.
5. Ianto Jones...but I'd have to share him with...
6. Captain Jack Harkness
7. Rafe from Blood and Chocolate...but only because Bryan Dick played him in the movie. :p He's evil, he bites, but he's still HAWT.
8. Malcolm Reed. He likes to blow stuff up.
9. The Tenth Doctor
10. Sirius Black- the way I pictured him while reading- not as portrayed in the movies.

I would have said Dr. Owen Harper, or D.C. Blythe from Blackpool, but q would probably clobber me. :p
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