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Haven't done my Fragments review yet...

...I wanted some better pictures to post with it. I ended up taking too many! :p

Torchwood searches an abandoned building for aliens. Instead, they find explosive devices, which bring the building down all around them. As they wait for rescue (from Gwen and Rhys), Jack, Tosh, Ianto, and Owen look back on how each joined Torchwood.

Jack's story was fun. He is captured by the Torchwood of 1899, who are curious to find out why he can't die, and if he has connections to The Doctor...the reason Queen Victoria set up Torchwood in the first place. The ladies in charge make Jack a free agent...he finds aliens for them. Jack's segment ends in 1999, when another member of Torchwood kills the rest of the team...and leaves Jack in charge.

Tosh's story was sad. She steals plans and builds a device for the bad guys who kidnapped her mother. UNIT barges in and throws her in prison...where Jack finds her and gives her the a job in Torchwood, seeing her potential. That brought back the "I saw you" comment he made in Adam. Poor Tosh has suffered too much this series!

Next, Ianto stalks Jack, practically begging him for a job. He helps him subdue a Weevil, brings him coffee, and finally helps him capture the pterodactyl who later resides in the Hub. Jack gives him the job...but Ianto seems despondent. Of course, viewers know his motivation at the beginning was to help his Cyber-ized girlfriend, Lisa. I loved Ianto's segment. He was so desperate and Jack so firmly against him...and the attraction is clearly there from the beginning.

Finally, we get Owen's story...his fiancée, Katie, appears to be suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's...but in reality, there's an alien in her brain. Jack shows up when she dies, and later when Owen visits her grave. Jack shows Owen Torchwood, and tells him he will have an opportunity to save many lives.

At the end, everyone is rescued by Gwen and Rhys (who now knows that Jack can't die!). As they leave, Jack's wristband beeps...a hologram of John Hart appears, telling Jack that he's going to destroy everything he loves. He shows an image of Jack's brother, Gray, as his prisoner. To be continued...

I think this episode explained a lot about the characters, especially Tosh and Owen. Tosh was always a genius with tech, but now we can see the motivation behind it- her desire to prove herself and to repay Jack for her freedom. I know some will disagree with me, but I can understand why Owen was such a prat before. Grief makes people do crazy things, and can totally change their personalities. Losing Katie the way Owen did made him wary of relationships. The gentle, loving person he was before was buried under bitterness...but eventually, the old Owen would come back. There were definitely signs of that in his dealings with Diane last season, and the way he was warming to Tosh, agreeing to a date, etc. Jack's story didn't really reveal much about him, but it did show his awkward relationship with Torchwood. Ianto's story was interesting because he was clearly conflicted about his feelings from the start...relief that he had the job and the means to help Lisa...guilt because he knew Jack was attracted to him, and that he was feeling the same thing. The most fun of the episode- Jack and Ianto catching Myfanwy! Who knew that pterodactyls liked dark chocolate?

A few pictures...I had so many good ones to chose from. (All from The Institute):

"Oh, snap." BOOM.

Evil Torchwood Lesbians torture Jack!

Poor Tosh. Can't she get a break? And that jumper does nothing for her figure!

Coffee, tea, me?


"I've read the manual, Ianto...this is not how to catch a pterodactyl..."

Aw. Poor doomed fiancée. Poor Owen. I liked sweet, tender, loving Owen. Bring him back for Tosh!

There are more...which I'll include when I do my televison blog after the show airs on BBC America.
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