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Le Ouch.

I had a massive migraine yesterday. The kind that knocks me to the ground, making me unable to do anything but hide in the dark. It started at 3 p.m. (while I was at the computer), and didn't show any signs of going away until well after midnight. Coke and ibuprofen, my usual cures, didn't do a damned thing. I threw up everything I ate yesterday! It was the worst kind of migraine there is. I was practically blind for a few hours- if I tried to read (which would have been a foolish act), words would disappear off the page. I'm still a little bit off, so the rest of today is going to be spent in relative darkness with NO T.V.!

I haven't had a migraine like this since college. The last one like it had me rushing to the student health center for a shot (whatever was in it cured me in half an hour), and another almost caused me to miss a winter formal (which would have been a bummer, as I had a gorgeous new dress I wanted to show off). That one, I remember, was triggered by spray paint fumes from decorating the dance hall. I can't even look at a can of spray paint without thinking about that headache! I have no idea what triggered this one. It was scary. I just hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon...

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