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Okay, I'm done sniffling.

My take on Exit Wounds, with some screen caps by invaderwitch and marishna . (thanks so much!)

Captain John Hart returns, and all hell breaks loose because of him. Bombs go off all around Cardiff, throwing the city into chaos. He tortures Jack and takes him back to the year 27 A.D., and there they meet Jack's long lost brother, Gray. Gray stabs Jack, and orders John to bury him. It turns out that Gray is controlling John, because he wants revenge on Jack for losing him as a child. John leaves a tracking device in the grave...and Jack is buried until 1901. The Torchwood of that era digs him up and freezes him.

Meanwhile, Gwen and the rest run around Cardiff, trying to fix the damage. When they return to the Hub, Gray is there- and he locks them and John in the Weevil cells. Gray has unleashed the Weevils on the city, but Owen (using his "King of the Weevils" status) is able to control them somewhat. He runs to the nuclear power plant to help stop a meltdown, with Tosh giving him instructions from the Hub. Gray shoots Tosh. She continues to help Owen, not letting him know she is hurt. She realizes that Owen can not get out of the control room in time to save himself. He loses control until Tosh begs him to stop...then he says goodbye (still not knowing that she is hurt). The control room is flooded with radiation, and Owen is presumed killed (or rather, destroyed, as he is already dead).

Jack is released from the cryo-chamber- he knocks Gray out and releases his team. They rush to Tosh, but it is too late to help her. She dies in Jack's arms.

The episode ends with news of the destruction in Cardiff, and the team mourning Tosh and Owen. Jack decides to freeze Gray rather than kill him. John decides to stay on Earth for a while to see why Jack loves it so much. While cleaning out Tosh and Owen's desks, a pre-recorded message from Tosh appears, thanking Jack for all he's done for her, and that she loves Owen (of course, he is not there  to hear it). Gwen breaks down, as if she can't go on, but Jack says they must.

I don't think I've ever been so heartbroken by a season finale. I went in totally spoiled, so I was prepared, but I still couldn't help crying. Overall, the episode was pretty good, if a bit slow in parts. It was great to have John Hart back, and I'm glad he wasn't really responsible for what happened. That means we'll be seeing James Marsters again for sure! The Cardiff explosions were scary. There was a disturbing lack of Ianto, though he kicked ass in his few scenes. I actually liked Gwen in this episode. She really took control like she knew what she was doing. I also liked having both Rhys and P.C. Andy in on the action. I really didn't think Gray was a good actor, but he looks and sounds enough like John Barrowman to pass. The whole "Jack buried alive for 1800 years" was a little ridiculous- how could he go through that and not be totally batshit insane? If there is a third series with Jack, they're going to have to deal with it. It was fun to see 1901 Torchwood, though. Nice continuity with Owen as King of the Weevils. The nuclear meltdown was total B.S.- I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way. The whole final conversation between Owen and Tosh was beautifully done, with Owen railing against his fate and Tosh trying to calm him ("you're breaking my heart" was corny, but still made me cry). Fantastic work by Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori. Owen's resignation about his second death was heartbreaking. I completely lost it, though, when Jack found Tosh, and she died in his arms. I loved her final goodbye through the computer. The last shot of the three survivors holding on to each other in the Hub was a fitting end to the season.

I'm going to miss Owen and Tosh so much. I don't know if it will be worth watching next season. I really don't like the rumors of a toned-down Torchwood. What would be the point? I'm pretty sure Tosh is permanently dead, but we didn't really see Owen go, did we? Gorman made some jokes about Owen escaping into the sewers or something, and he repeatedly says he'll be back. But if not, hey, he's going to be working for a long time!

There were a lot of great quotes- this whole Owen/Tosh exchange was so good:

Owen: [can't get out of the room and is about to be vaporised] [hysterical] TOSH! TOSHIKO I CAN'T GET OUT! NOT LIKE THIS!! I'M NOT DYING HERE! Get me out of here Tosh. GET ME OUT OF HERE, I DIED ONCE AND I'M NOT DOING IT AGAIN! Where's Jack? Where's Gwen, Ianto? YOU WANNA WATCH THE DEAD MAN DIE AGAIN?!
Tosh: Owen, just stay calm.
Owen: Why should I do that? Where's the FUN IN THAT! I'm gonna rage my way to oblivion [Yells continuously]
Tosh: [almost whisper] Please stop
Tosh: [crying] Because you're breaking my heart.
Owen: [calms down] Sorry.
Tosh: [still crying, harder] It's my fault.
Owen: No, no no it isn't, no it isn't, don't go there Tosh, I'm really sorry.
Rhys and Andy discuss the sudden disappearance of the Weevils:
"Where've they gone?" "Abergavenny?"  Hee!

Sometimes one word will do- after Ianto and Tosh waste the monks: "Sorted."

John to the chained up Jack: "Suddenly you're anti-bondage?" Bwaaah.

A few of the screen caps I saved- I'm saving a bunch for my T.V. blog after the episode airs on BBC America.

Bang bang, without the Kiss kiss.

Cardiff go boom boom. :(

Torchwood 1901 FTW.

Poor, poor Owen.

Poor, poor Tosh. Hasn't she suffered enough? :( At least Jack is with her...

This is where I really lost it- Jack putting away Owen's lab coat:

"I hope I did good." Yes, honey. You sure did. :(

All that remains...

Le sob. Last time I got this worked up about a season finale? Star Trek: The Next Generation "Best of Both Worlds", with Riker ordering Worf to fire on the Borgified Picard. The next one? Deep Space Nine's Tears of the Prophets, with Sisko's speech over Jadzia's coffin. And finally, Trip Tucker's useless death on Enterprise, These Are the Voyages. Funny how it's sci-fi shows that move me to tears...

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