Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Help me, I'm turning into a Whovian!

That's all I need, another fandom! *laughs* I had a whole night of Doctor Who and Torchwood! That was fun. First it was Utopia, The Sound of Drums, and Last of the Timelords. Whee! So much fun. I admit to not having a huge knowledge of Who-lore, but I got enough to enjoy everything.The Master was so evil! And I actually like Martha, and won't mind if she really does end up on Torchwood. I finally understand that "Tinkerbell Jesus" thing about the Doctor now. Hee! I thought for a moment that Martha had told everyone "If you believe in the Doctor, clap your hands!" That seemed like a too-easy way to break The Master's hold on the world. I just love David Tennant. It was fun watching Jack with the Doctor, too.

Q, you've gotten me hooked on yet another show. I've even added a shiny new Doctor Who tag! :p I still haven't watched my tape of Voyage of the Damned. I'll make sure to check out the seasons I missed. I did watch older Who (and Red Dwarf, too...) in college with friends...it was a fun show to get drunk to. :p

I watched Fragments and Exit Wounds again. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I cried again. :(
Tags: doctor who, torchwood
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