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Help me, I'm turning into a Whovian!

That's all I need, another fandom! *laughs* I had a whole night of Doctor Who and Torchwood! That was fun. First it was Utopia, The Sound of Drums, and Last of the Timelords. Whee! So much fun. I admit to not having a huge knowledge of Who-lore, but I got enough to enjoy everything.The Master was so evil! And I actually like Martha, and won't mind if she really does end up on Torchwood. I finally understand that "Tinkerbell Jesus" thing about the Doctor now. Hee! I thought for a moment that Martha had told everyone "If you believe in the Doctor, clap your hands!" That seemed like a too-easy way to break The Master's hold on the world. I just love David Tennant. It was fun watching Jack with the Doctor, too.

Q, you've gotten me hooked on yet another show. I've even added a shiny new Doctor Who tag! :p I still haven't watched my tape of Voyage of the Damned. I'll make sure to check out the seasons I missed. I did watch older Who (and Red Dwarf, too...) in college with friends...it was a fun show to get drunk to. :p

I watched Fragments and Exit Wounds again. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I cried again. :(


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Apr. 20th, 2008 04:15 am (UTC)
ah, nifty. :) as an old skool doctor who fan steeped in the show's mythology since childhood, it's always interesting to see a new fan's take on things. as a fan of the older show, i think the thing that got me most about lottl was a line of the master's...the character of the master first appeared in a doctor who episode the year i was born, so if you can imagine all those years of battling the doctor, and the doctor always winning, and then finally: 'well well...how about that? i win." and he had to die to do it! poor evil ickle puppy master. *sniffle*

(if you like jack with the doctor, btw, his whole character was created for the last few eps of new who season 1 - christopher eccleston was the doctor back then, though.)

Q, you've gotten me hooked on yet another show.

bwahahahaha! my evil influence is spreading. >:) next thing you know i'll have you watching episodes of life on mars. (go on, you know you want to...it's another time-travelling show (sort of) with john simm in it, greenlit by same drama exec who oversees torchwood and doctor who (julie gardner)...with simm's much lovelier natural manchester accent...and another alpha male character with whom he has almost as nearly a textual slashy relationship as he does with the doctor. *tempt tempt tempt*)
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