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From the "I hate my choir director" files...

We did one of my favorite works today: If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis. We practiced and practiced and had sung it well in rehearsal...but when it came time to sing in church, something went wrong. The director insisted on doing it without organ, and he directed from a spot where many of us couldn't see him. We started off wrong (his fault, totally), and he tried to get us to stop! None of us stopped...we kept on going. I think it would have been far worse to stop and start over. We did finally get it together, but he was not pleased. What the hell did he expect from us? If we can't see him, and we don't have the notes, we're not going to be able to sing. He insulted us by trying to make us stop. I never want to sing this work again. :( I'm dreading practice on Wednesday. He's going to chew us out for things that were his doing! I have a feeling that people are going to quit. I know that once Pentecost has come and gone, I'm going to take a long break.

It really was awful. I had to leave before the last hymn because I thought I might cry.

The bell choir rang this morning, too. We didn't do as well as we did in practice. The youth bells were much better than we were!

Other stuff- I read  You Suck by Christopher Moore, which was hilarious. I didn't know that it was a sequel! I'll have to read the first book, Bloodsucking Fiends, later. Also, I'm going to start reading M.C. Beaton's Hamish Macbeth series. My mom and I loved watching the T.V. series (though the episodes really didn't resemble the books much!), so now I want to read the books! The library has a bunch of them on audio cassette/CD/MP3. 
Tags: books, choir, evil choir director
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