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A horror from my childhood...

I saw this in a theater when I was about four or five years old: Bambi Meets Godzilla. According to my mom, all I said when it was over was "Oh!"


You Tube is fun, but sometimes brings back terrible memories! :p

Not much else going on. I'm house/pet sitting this weekend. The dogs went to the vet last week and got good reports- even Ike. The same vet who advised us to put him down last summer now says he looks good for a "100 year old man". He's thin and a bit frail, but is very happy. As long as he's not in any pain, he'll be with us for a while. He eats like a horse!

Also getting ready for my cousin's wedding in three weeks- I found a great outfit to wear. Now I just need a new haircut. It's been too long! I look like hell.

The bell choir played in church yesterday, and we were terrific.  My sister was very happy. We're having our end of the season concert in two weeks.