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Lost seson finale...

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!! That was some ending!

I knew the boat would blow up with Jin and Michael aboard. Poor Sun. :( And Ben's the reason it blew.

Ben moved the island. Ben. Moved. The. Fucking. Island!!!! And now he can never go back to it...

Penny and Desmond- reunited at last!

Well...now we know how the Oceanic Six came to be. And why Jack acts the way he did in last season's finale...

It was Locke in the coffin last season. Didn't see that coming. And he's the one who told Jack they had to go back. Holy crap, this really changes things for next season...I don't want to wait until January 2009!

Wow, things are all falling into place!

I'll do a more coherent review at my blog tomorrow. I'm still a little stunned!
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