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Greetings from Louisville...

It's been a weird week. The storms on Wednesday left my city without power- and my family had to leave before we knew it was fixed. Dad called the power company yesterday, and it was finally back on. Probably lost everything in the fridge...yuck.

So I'm in Kentucky- spent most of yesterday shopping and meeting my cousin's friends. Sarah and Richard loved their present! They were very impressed with my work. The wedding is tonight, followed by a reception at the Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby museum. That should be fun! I'll have plenty of pictures to share.

The wedding is at the same time as the Belmont Stakes, so I'll have to wait until the news tonight to see if Big Brown is a Triple Crown winner!

The rest of the trip will be spent with family- doing what, I have no idea! I know we'll be going downtown at least. I hope we'll go to Lynn's again, and maybe the Hard Rock Cafe.
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