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Kentucky trip part 2!

The sightseeing!

Frisch's Big Boy- one of Mom's hangouts as a teen!

Fourth Street Live- this time during the day.

Lynn's Paradise Cafe! We went there two days in a row!

Katie with Lynn's horse:

Sam and my Dad:

My cousin Debbie and her husband Chet:

Katie and Sam among the weird and wonderful Lynn's decorations:

Sunday afternoon was spent on The Spirit of Jefferson- a trip on the Ohio River.

"Dude, where's my car?"

(of course the car wasn't in the water. :p)

The boat:

Lovely downtown Louisville!

The bluegrass band that entertained us:

I did a lot of shopping. Outside Louisville Stoneware:

I was very upset to learn that they almost went out of business last year. Hopefully, business will pick up for them.

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