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If I hear one more person say...

..."if you're against Sarah Palin you're sexist, against all women, blah blah blah", I swear to God I will jump out of a window. I'm against her because of her EXTREME right wing views. I could care less that she's a working mother, blah blah blah. She is against gay rights and ALL abortions. She belongs to a church that believes non-Bush supporters are going to hell (I'll post a youtube link later). I'm against her because I think she is unqualified to be Vice President. I think she was a poor choice. McCain should have picked a different woman if he so desperately wanted one on his ticket. There were plenty out there. There were even some who just might have convinced me to vote for them.

I'm glad her daughter seems to have support regarding her pregnancy. I think it's sad that a teen is having a baby, but Bristol is lucky to have a family who is backing her. Unfortunately, many teen mothers do NOT have that support, and I wish these pro-lifers making the Palin family into heroes would understand that.

My vote goes to Obama/Biden. Nothing is going to change that, and calling me anti-woman or anti-family values (insert big roll eyes here) will only convince me more that I'm making the right choice.

*expects to be flamed by trolls not on my f-list*
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