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Off to a better start than I thought...

Choir went really well tonight. We got some real work done. No time wasted on pointless "warm-ups"- we warmed up with a hymn and got down to the anthems for the next month. We'll be ready for our first service this Sunday! The choir room was packed. A couple of new women, but sadly, no new men. We're desperate for male singers, especially tenors. The music is half easy, half challenging. This week, we're singing a piece from the early 1600's, then for two Sundays in a row, anthems by Bach. One Sunday we're doing one of my favorite hymn tunes as an introit- Tallis's Canon. It's one I haven't heard in church in years...http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/a/l/allprais.htm The final stanza is often used as a Doxology.

One problem with choir- the choir librarian is a real pain in the ass. I appreciate the work she's done, getting our music into our folders and old music put away correctly, but she's being obnoxious about it! She almost yells at people if they put their folder away wrong. And god forbid you put old music in the wrong place. Oh, she's annoying. I wanted to be the choir librarian, but when it was last open, I was too busy. Now she's taken over and won't let go!

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