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This is what I did today...

The new organ pieces arrived at church last night. Today, some volunteers helped unload them. It was very interesting to see the parts and where they go! Lots of pictures under the cut.

This is one of the biggest pipes (that's my dad holding the end, and our director watching):

Lots and lots of new pipes!

Now the fun part- putting them together in the right order. :p

This is where the keyboard was. It's been a bit dangerous going into the choir loft- we have to be very careful not to fall in!

The "pipe room". This is on the second floor, behind the choir loft and to the side, and it's almost two stories tall. It's very strange to see it empty.

It's been so weird to not have an organ. Even though we have the new pipes and controls, it's going to be almost a month before it's ready. Once everything is re-assembled, each pipe has to be tuned properly, and the electronics have to be tested.

Just thought I'd share these pictures. I just found the whole process of getting the new organ so interesting!

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