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Le meow meow meow.

Les chats say hi.

Kira is grumpy. She's getting old. I think she might have arthritis. :( She doesn't run around as much or as fast as Eddie.

Everything Eddie does is cute- even scratching. *lol*

They're enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. It's starting to cool down a bit.  I actually wore fall clothes today for the first time!

Something is going around. I've been as sick as a dog this week- sudden fever, sore throat, stomach pain, etc. I think it's all gone now. But it made me miss choir this week! *evil grin*



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Oct. 5th, 2008 01:41 am (UTC)
Such cute cats...:D...I had to close the windows, so mine are rather ticked off at me...oh well...I'm all stuffed up; guess I caught the cold that was running around the Vice Admiral's lounge...beats me how I could have caught it...I was wearing a mask...LOL
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