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Election Day, part one!

I have voted! Got my "I voted" sticker, went over to Krispy Kreme, and got a free star-shaped, red white and blue sprinkled doughnut! *yum* Voted Obama/Biden, Mark Warner for Senate, Bill Day for Representative, 1st District (not that he has a prayer in hell of winning...).

The lines were longer than I've ever seen them at my polling place- even the last two Presidential elections I never had to wait! I got in at 8:35, was done by 9:15. Not bad. My mom got in at 7:30, and had just voted when I got there. Still, an hour is hardly a long time to wait- especially for this historic election! No matter who wins, we get a first- First African-American President, or the first woman Vice President.

I have a bottle of champagne standing by...to be opened if and when the race is called for Obama.
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