Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

The new organ is fantastic!

The official dedication of the newly restored organ took place at church last night. There was a lovely recital by a husband and wife team of organists. They were amazing musicians. The concert was dedicated to the memory of our church's former organist and music director. One of the organists had been his student for several years.

The event was reservation-only, and I've never seen the church so packed except on Christmas Eve! It was a wonderful concert. The new organ is so powerful! I don't think there's another one like it in the area. And it's still not finished- some pipes haven't been installed, and some others need more tuning.

Speaking of church music- I was such a wreck Wednesday night (if you saw my locked entries you know why) that I forgot to post about choir. It was a near disaster. The director is treating us like we're junior high voice students! I can't believe how much time he wasted on diction. We know all of that stuff! We need to learn THE MUSIC before worrying about the words. He spent half an hour on one verse of a hymn. And then we rushed through the music we needed to work on, including Christmas stuff. It's a little bit early, but my annual "we're not going to be ready for the carol service" freak-out is happening now...He's picked difficult music, and we need to really work on it. We're running out of time...
Tags: choir, evil choir director, music

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