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I like to move it move it...

Madagascar 2 was cute. Very funny in places! Plot was a bit similar to The Lion King...only funny. The penguins were fun as usual!

Terrible weather this weekend- today it was warm, but dark, windy, and rainy. There was a tornado watch most of the day (yes, in November. O_o), and at one point it looked like there might actually be one. It was scary. But I didn't have to hide in the basement!

I really enjoyed participating in the Master and Commander watch-a-thon at  mandc_watch   this morning! I love that movie so much. It was fun to discuss it with other people while watching it. I really love the soundtrack, too. I'm listening to it now...

I just found this at hms_surprise  :


I'm definitely going to try some of those cocktail recipes. How the heck did I miss that entry? I've been a loyal reader of that community since 2004!

And I'm going to have to do a picspam...especially pics of Nagle. :D Can't neglect wee Blythe's first big movie role!
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