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I like to move it move it...

Madagascar 2 was cute. Very funny in places! Plot was a bit similar to The Lion King...only funny. The penguins were fun as usual!

Terrible weather this weekend- today it was warm, but dark, windy, and rainy. There was a tornado watch most of the day (yes, in November. O_o), and at one point it looked like there might actually be one. It was scary. But I didn't have to hide in the basement!

I really enjoyed participating in the Master and Commander watch-a-thon at  mandc_watch   this morning! I love that movie so much. It was fun to discuss it with other people while watching it. I really love the soundtrack, too. I'm listening to it now...

I just found this at hms_surprise  :


I'm definitely going to try some of those cocktail recipes. How the heck did I miss that entry? I've been a loyal reader of that community since 2004!

And I'm going to have to do a picspam...especially pics of Nagle. :D Can't neglect wee Blythe's first big movie role!



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Nov. 16th, 2008 04:44 am (UTC)
Ok, you ... I see what you said there, and I need to know if you got the same feeling I did.

At the end of M2, I thought all the characters were in exactly the right places for them to be. It was the perfect end to the movie, and a satisfying conclusion to the movie series.

They're in pre-production on M3 now. I think there's no point to it, they already have a great ending, they shouldn't screw it up (so of course they will).

My question to you is ... how do you feel about the ending, and do you think the story justifies a third part?
Nov. 16th, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
I think it ended fine the way it did, and there's no need for a third one. I thought the same way about Shrek 2...and then they went ahead and did the third one. Ruined it. Too bad they're making a new Madagascar.
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