Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

*is le tired*

I'm pet sitting again this weekend...with an addition. My nephew is here because he couldn't miss school tomorrow, and my sister really didn't want to leave him alone. He's leaving on a church retreat right after school, so it will be just me with the dogs and cat the rest of the weekend. So I had to feed pets and kid, and make sure kid gets to school on time. :p

Penny the beagle is acting badly. My sister thinks she's going to die soon. :( Penny is a stupid but sweet dog. Pretty soon it will be just one dog and the cat. :(

I'm going to have to pet sit at least twice more this year...depending on when my brother in law's cousin dies (could be any day now). I know they're also planning a short trip day after Thanksgiving (unless the cousin dies this week), or possibly after Christmas. I don't mind doing it. It's peaceful out here, I get paid well, and I like having some time to myself.

Have I mentioned how much I love my new laptop? :p It's nice to be able to take it with me on trips. I got tired of borrowing my sister's- and she had to take hers with her this weekend.

Choir wasn't too bad last night. We're covered music-wise through the first Sunday of Advent (Nov. 30), but the Christmas stuff is going slowly. And the choir librarian is being a total bitch. If someone puts his or her folder away wrong, she chews them out in front of everyone. She's AWFUL. It really sucks the joy out of singing...

In other choir news, I decided to not sing in the Messiah this year. My sister isn't the director, and I'm not sure about the new guy. My dad said he cut several pieces out. So, I decided not to bother.

I'm almost done with the cross stitched piece for my mom's Christmas present. I could really get it done by Sunday if I work hard enough! I'm so glad that my dad's present will be an easier, faster stitch. 
Tags: choir, cross stitch, pet sitting

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