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A meme and a cat story...

dalaire  had this one.

You Are a Persian Cat

You are very high-maintenance, at least as far as keeping up your appearance goes.

But you're surprisingly low-maintenance in every other aspect of your life.

You are peaceful and sweet tempered. People enjoy your company.

You are loving and a good companion, but it takes you a while to trust people.

Meow. I tried it with "talkative" and "disagree" and got Siamese as a result. :p I could be a hybrid.

Speaking of cats, I'm back from pet sitting. Franklin wouldn't leave me alone Friday night. He crawled onto my bed and parked himself against my back. When I tried to move, he yowled and whined (in typical Burmese fashion!). I let him be, though, because he moved over to the other side of the bed. Although he did climb on me a couple of times...it was very disconcerting to wake up in the middle of the night to see a little head with pointy ears and wide blue eyes looking down on me. There was just enough light in the room to give his eyes a weird glow.

He's a very nice cat, if a little bit needy. My sister called to check up on my nephew on Thursday. He had the cat on his lap- when Franklin heard my sister's voice, he started crying like a baby!

The dogs were good. No wild yapping and howling. Now that Ike is gone, they're rather quiet.

Just watched 24- Redemption. It was pretty good. I'm looking forward to the new season...after the debacle that was most of Day Six, it's got to be better...

I'm reading Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. God, it's depressing! I hope the movie based on it is good- can't believe it's taken almost fifty years to get it to the big screen.

I've been pretty sick for the past three days. Today I had to get up early to ring bells at church...I was feeling so bad that I felt like I should skip the second service. I decided to tough it out, though, because I loved the anthems the choir sang. My voice was weak, but I gave it my best shot!
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