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Glad that's over...

Yet another Carol Service has come and gone. It was mercifully short this year. I say that only because the choir loft was horribly hot! If the concert had been any longer, people would have been fainting left and right! Music wise, we were fine, though our director did some stupid things (like totally disregard the tempos my sister set for her choirs, and give our choir incorrect cues that made us look stupid). And the sound system was doing weird things. But the kids were good, the youth bell choir was fantastic and was probably the highlight of the service, and the adult choir managed to pull things together well. So no real "annual choir Christmas freak-out" this year! My bell choir played at the early service today. We did all right, though we were better in rehearsal.

My sister was quite frazzled at the end of the day. Luckily, she was able to take a nap between church and the concert. She's having some more thyroid tests just before Christmas. What fun! :p

Christmas Eve should be no trouble. The music isn't too hard.

I gave the choir a tray of my cookies. They were a hit, but some kids grabbed a bunch before some adults got any. The kids weren't supposed to be in the adult choir room. *roll eyes* Oh, well. Another choir member and I are planning a brief party before our Christmas Eve service- just cookies and punch. But they'll be MY cookies! ;)

It's been a long day. I'm really tired, and I'm not completely over the bug I had last week. I'm going to bed early. Tomorrow is another long day- I have a bunch of orders to send out (Yay, money coming in! $$$) and some Christmas shopping to do. Dad and I are going to the base exchange/commissary at Quantico. That's always fun. I can usually find good deals on things like Vera Bradley purses. I should be able to get the last couple of the 2008 Hallmark Star Trek ornaments for my tree there. It's nice to have a retired military officer for a dad. :p
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