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Losties on my f-list...

Please, please, PLEASE put your reviews/spoilers under a cut. I can't watch until tomorrow. :( And that's assuming my recorder works. I can't wait! Last season's end was so surprising. I wish the show hadn't been moved back to Wednesday night! That means I can never participate in the running commentaries. Stupid choir practice! The director had better not keep us too late tonight.

Oscar nominations tomorrow! My mom, sister, and I are going to do the Best Picture nominees marathon again...I hope Revolutionary Road and Rachel Getting Married are among them. That's the only way I'll get to see either, I'm sure.

Mom insists on dragging me with her to see Inkheart. I never read the book and have no interest in seeing the movie. Doesn't appeal to me at all. Maybe my nephew will go with her. I want to see Defiance instead. It's actually playing in my town.

ETA- Oh, duh. Now I remember why I could watch Lost last year- it was at 10:00 on Wednesday, not Thursday. Hopefully, next week it will be back to 10:00!
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