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My region-free DVD player suddenly doesn't work. :( The picture is wobbly. No other way to describe it! I really wanted to watch Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky again, and now I can't. Maybe my laptop DVD player's region code can be hacked...

Didn't have to house sit. That's good news, because it means that Paul's dad is okay for now. I did have to walk and feed the dogs yesterday afternoon, though- everyone was in Pennsylvania for the day, visiting him at the hospital.

Had a ball bead shopping!  I must have spent over an hour in Michaels- the good one in Richmond. There was a huge sale going on. I found some beautiful semi-precious beads and lots of charms. I have great ideas for everything I bought! If I don't go to the movies tomorrow, I'm going to spend a lot of time working on new designs.

I'm finally making progress on my cross stitch, Tiger Lily. She has a head again! And the wings are coming along nicely.

I finally watched the season premiere of Lost- wow. That answered a few questions! It's going to be another long, strange trip...but I'm still mad they moved it back to 9:00. I hate having to tape it. I forget to do it, and then I get, well, lost! :p

I watched Prayers for Bobby on Lifetime (yeah, sometimes they do decent movies!). It made me cry.:(

I hope I can get rid of this cold. I don't know if I'll be able to sing tomorrow. Mostly I'm tired out from the decongestants I've been taking.
Tags: beading, cross stitch, lost, television

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