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Choir rant number 1,300...

Practice was worse than usual last night. We're still doing that childish anthem next week. I'd rather get paper cuts on my tongue than sing that in front of the congregation. I'd rather chew on steel wool than sing it! It's an awful piece of CRAP and every choir member hates it. And once again, the director spent more time than necessary on it, while neglecting the anthem for this week. To make matters worse, there's a baritone who can't sing, doesn't understand music at all, and sings when he's not supposed to. It's throwing the rest of us off, and making us sound bad. Something has to be done about him, but what can you do? You can't just throw someone out of a church choir. We have so many good singers, but none of us can drown this guy out. The director won't say anything to him, and he yells at the whole bass section when the guy screws up (which is always). It's making choir a very unpleasant experience.

Only bright spots- we're doing a lovely anthem for Ash Wednesday, and there's a choir party next Saturday!
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