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For the first time in a month...

...bell practice didn't get me frustrated. The lady who can't play well (who will now be known as Bad Ringer) is out for the next few weeks because of another commitment (jeez, why doesn't she just quit already?), so one of our really good former ringers stepped in. She'd been taking a year off, but when she saw how much we were struggling this morning in church, she asked if she could help out. I couldn't tell her enough how glad I was to have her back. Especially since she'll be playing next to me! For the first time in ages, I felt happy about bells again.  Bad Ringer is also not going to the festival, thank God!

I'm not kidding, I was this close to telling my sister I would quit if something wasn't done about the bad ringer! I was almost in tears after the last two practices.

We rang today at the first service. It didn't go too badly, but it was obvious that Bad Ringer  was lost and not playing. I somehow managed to play my part well.

Regular choir went well, too. Baritone Who Can't Singwas out for the week. I hope he's not sick or anything serious, but damn, we were so good without him! :p We managed to get through the childish anthem without anyone puking. :p The congregation didn't even roll their eyes. The pastor had a hard time not snickering, though. Oh, we all hated that piece. All of us except the director, that is...

The choir party was nice. Valentine's Day was boring otherwise.

Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday! He'll be 17. Time flies...

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