Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

I had a brain, but it asploded. :(

I've had a headache all day. Part migraine, part something else. I missed choir tonight.

I'm caught up with Lost now. Tonight's episode was a mind fuck, which was entertaining but not good for my headache!

I'm going to attempt more screencaps. I have the episode of Foyle's War that Bryan Dick guest starred in, and I want to do a little picspam of it (for the squee community!). Also, I plan to screencap from the 100 Days special feature from Master and Commander- will definitely get some shots of D'Arcy and Woodall, which should make you happy, tselmende !

I won't have time to do much of anything this weekend, though. I'll be at the Oscar marathon all day Saturday with my mom and sister. It should be a good time. I'll take notes, and have fun watching the Oscars on Sunday!
Tags: fangirl rants/squees, lost, m&c, movies
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