Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Screencaps, the second attempt.

Very long post! Behind the cut to spare the f-list. I did these the old-fashioned way- I paused the video and did a grab with a "snipping" tool. It's the best I can do without buying new software (which I will eventually do). These are just little grabs from the Special Features of Master and Commander, and a few from Foyle's War: Fifty Ships.

James D'Arcy and Ed Woodall- in the "monkey bar", boot camp, and in costume, behind the scenes. And one grab of Bryan Dick (can't neglect wee Blythe's first big movie!) in an interview.



James is adorable when he laughs!


Ed looks a bit smug here. *lol*


Aw, Bryan!


Touching up the infamous "Nike" scar...


And my favorite Ed/Mowett picture...this is where the Smile icon came from!


Foyle's War: Fifty Ships- Bryan's character, Kenny.



I have a few more, but they aren't that great.

He looks good in 40's era clothes. I think he was born in the wrong decade! Not a fan of the haircut so much...

Tags: fangirl rants/squees, m&c

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