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And the winners are...

Slumdog Millionaire- Best Picture, Director (Danny Boyle), Best Actress for Kate Winslet for The Reader (it's about time she won!), Best Actor for Sean Penn for Milk, Supporting Actress for Penelope Cruz for Vicky Christina Barcelona, Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight (insert crying smiley here). No real surprises. Frost/Nixon and Doubt totally shut out, Benjamin Button won a few technical awards. Slumdog won a total of eight Oscars! Not bad for a movie that almost went straight to DVD.

I wish Viola Davis had won for Doubt. Any woman who can hold her own next to Meryl Streep in one long scene deserves an Oscar! :p

Hugh Jackman was a pretty good host- he seemed a bit awkward at the beginning, but he sure had fun with it!